ORTHIA Cushions minimize the body pressure on the supporting surface for people who stay long periods of time seated. Weigh distribution is done uniformly, providing greater comfort to the user.

The ORTHIA Cushions are suitable for:

- Placement of affected areas, to be aired and free of pressure;
- Relief in painful processes of the sacrococcygeal and perianal area, in particular, post-natal, post pelvic and rectal surgeries;
- Hemorrhoidal pathologies;
- Prevention of scabs in sacral areas;
- As a helping element in the treatment of some types of pressure ulcers.

ORTHIA Cushions meet the specifications required by the European Community through Directive 93/42/EEC (CE Mark), as amended by Directive 2007/47/EC, and are registered in INFARMED as Class I Medical Devices.

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