Technical Orthopedics

In Portugal, ORTHIA sells exclusive PAVIS orthopedic product line.

The partnership between ORTHIA and PAVIS emerged as an opportunity for both companies to expand their product range, always thinking in the needs of their customers and above all in quality.

PAVIS is a worldwide reference Italian company in the area of technical orthopedics, both in orthopedic equipment as in abdominal supports.

Focused on quality, PAVIS ensures the entire process of their products commercialization, from research and development, to distribution, always passing through production.

Produced in exclusive, elastic, anti-allergic and breathable cotton that does not cause skin irritation, PAVIS products are designed so that one size may serve on any person, adjusting only the regulation devices that allows to customize each product to the user. Thus PAVIS products ensures comfort throughout the day, thanks to the smooth, soft and breathable fabric and flexibility of the products easy to adjust and use.

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