Waterproof covers

The line of breathable, waterproof and Anti-Mites Protectors for mattresses and pillows ORTHIA, is composed with TENCEL fiber, an extremely thin Polyurethane film and still an Antimicrobial Technology AEGIS.


Composed 100% with TENCEL fiber (natural fiber from the wood), this fiber breathes with the body, rapidly absorbing and releasing the moisture, this allows to preserve the body heat, maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Obtained through ecologic processes, the fiber is soft as silk, strong as polyester, cooling as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton.

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Impermeable and breathable, the extremely thin Polyurethane film acts like the human skin, preventing the development of bacteria and dust mites (major cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema), since these microorganisms are inhibited to feed themselves from the skin scales and moisture. The film is so thin and extensible that it does not notice, providing an excellent comfort sensation.


In addition, this covers also have an AEGIS Antimicrobial Technology. This is a revolutionary technology based on the fixation of a permanent non-migrant coating on the fibers. The microorganisms are attracted by the coating that punches the membrane, deactivating them, and avoiding is growth and proliferation. Specially developed to deactivate the microorganisms (fungus) that the mites need to feed themselves (Skin Cells), thus interrupting the food-chain, and allowing to control the mites.


– Antimicrobial and anti-mites permanent technology;
– Safe for humans and the environment;
– Without migration to the skin or the environment;
– Environmentally responsible technology;

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Recommended for people with sensitive skin, these protectors keep the mattresses and pillows clean and hygienic.

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